Friday, June 25, 2010

Princess' Pagoda Palace appears in puff of smoke--after 68 days of Fun!

When Princess Beth rang the bell to consult with her Wizardhowe, he had no idea that her request would consume the next two months in planning, building and anticipating the Princess' Pagoda Palace.

The whole experience became a wonderful experience as two families had fun working together to build a unique tent for the platform of the kid's swing set. This presentation is four minutes and 17 seconds of the highlights--written by a Wizard and his wfe to their beloved Princess and her family.

While the narration is done in the voice of the Wizardhowe--with all the fantasy of a castle with turrets and a summer filled with the fun of anticipation, the joy of learning how to use tools and work side by side as part of the Princess' Pagoda Palace experience.

The little recipients of 68 days of love and fun together have moved away--but they're still close enough that we as Wizard-Planner-Builder and Gramma Rosie, Commander of the Sucker Patrol, are still invited for Sunday Lunch and a celebration every Spring as the Royal Family remount a favorite memory, our tent, "The Princess' Pagoda Palace" that we built together on the platform next to their beloved swings! JWH

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