Monday, August 8, 2011

Not "Snooty" Enough!

One of the joys of parenthood is to get a call like we did from our daughter today.  She called to let us know that "they" were finally accepted to the Master's Program at the U--something they have both been working for.  Sally won't actually be going to class--her job is academic support while Dani will be going to classes--as she did for her Bachelors at the University of Phoenix.

Her call reminded me of the line Eve Arden delivers, seemingly unknowing as a double entendere, acting as principal of Rydell High School in the musical film "Grease"  During announcements over the school P.A. System she invites everyone to the football game that night with the words," Remember, if you can't be an athlete, at least you can be an athletic supporter!"  (laughter)

Or the ever popular acceptance speech, "Thank you for your support!  I shall wear it always!"

Sally's sparkling ethusiasm was contageous.

Her open-hearted love for Dani and her willingness to do anything to support Dani in her academic career with no thought of any return except the love they share is admirable.  Her grandmother Delma did the same selfless service for her younger sister, working as Secretary to the Dean of Women at Utah State while Helen Marie earned her bachelors degree and found Zachary, her attorney, later bishop and judge husband and father of their nine children.

Snooty is the opposite of humility!
Though Sally took an associates degree in interior design, she was never "snooty" enough to fit in the craft.  She opted instead for work in the medical field where she is universally loved for her caring manner and the zany sense of humor she says she inherited from me.

"Snooty" is a quality shared by interior designers, executive chefs with an attitude and attorneys who spend most of their time convincing you that you need them.  Some call it pride, some arrogance, most call it annoying.  Sally has none of that.  Hooray!

As her caring father--with barely enough money at the time to pay the rent and buy a little food, I determined to spend a few hours every day calling around to find her an internship with a interior designer--any interior designer in town.   After a week or two devoted to this effort, I discovered two things:  

First - Interior Design houses had all the interns from the four year Universities that they could handle.  Junior College students were way too far down on the snooty totem pole.

Second - Interior Design would never fit my precious girl.  Woody Allen once said that he would never become a member of an organization that would accept him as a member. 

Instead she opted for one of the helping professions--and works as a trusted assistant to a group of opthamologists at a local clinic.

Deep in her heart,  Sally would rather be a veterinarian.  Trouble is (and she knows this all too well) Sally would take every critter under her care home for the rest of it's natural life!  Sally is 34.  She will likely never go back to school--and critters all around will be the worse for it.  

Intstead she concentrates on a couple of pug dogs.  She lavishes love on all within her grasp.  She's not snooty enough to do anything else.

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