Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wit Wins the Girl - Creative Dating Techniques

In Utah high schools the highly skilled art of asking a young lady on a date (or vice versa on Sadie Hawkins day) is legendary.

The "What's shakin'-wanna-go-out" technique has been replaced here with a rennaisance of creative ASKING.

Our Jeff was invited to an informal PROM - HOP - STOMP-TURNABOUT by a lovely gal in his class who dumped his invitation on our lawn in the wee hours of the morning.  It was sealed in a beautiful waterproof envelope and frozen in the middle of a giant 3 foot long block of ice. 

We had a lot of fun thawing the ice, speculating through the nearly half an hour who had sent some fun our way as a family.

An ambitious mother up the street goaded her son, John to asking his friend Susie to a school dance with a recommended clever invitation.  John went to the dance after sending a complex algorhythm by e-mail to Linda, a girl he liked in his advanced math class.   She responded with an even more complex series of three formulas that spelled out her YES after John worked through each one.  The rest of the story is that John and Linda went steady after that and are planning a June wedding at Harvard in Cambridge Mass. where they are both doing doctoral work on scholarship.

My good friend, sixteen year old Michael and I do the music for a nearby retirement community every Sunday Morning.  On the way to our joyous assignment, Michael told me that he was hammered from staying up so late the night before.

"What were you up to?" I asked.

"A friend and I were arranging the Titan fight song for string quartet." he smiled.  Michael and his xis brothers have a pretty good string quartet of their own and are in demand on the church and old folks retirement home circuit. "It's for Homecoming next week."

Something called up my creative dating stories and Michael shyly revealed that his fellow musician was a girl.

"So, brother, " I joshed."  "was this part of a creative date request?"

"Well, we have to go to the dance to see how our arrangement turned out!" he chuckled.  Might was well go together, don't you think?" 

Michael comes from a great Scoutmaster in Ron and a world class gardener and Cub Committee Chair in Melissa.  His oldest brother, Peter is in Law School back east.  Eric is pre-med at BYU, Nathan is on an LDS Mission to Seattle, Washington.  Ryan is an active scout and the redheaded caboose, Brett plays the Cello not unlike Pablo Casals.  What a great family--doing it just right, in my opinion.

Proving once again that Wit will Win when Wishy Washy Wishing Won't!


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