Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ingratitude -- a Sin?

Are some people weeds?  Are some people such users they become losers?

At our house we call them--the user women who bring treats and kisses in exchange for FREE mechanical work.  Chocolate chips and a promise of a little TLC goes a long way with a big hearted son.

Thunder-thighs have followed our handy son all his young adult life.


In the WORK AND THE GLORY the blacksmith-skilled son leads the vanguard pioneers building a handy boat on top of a wagon that can be inverted and sailed across any river or stream.   Brother Brigham calls on him for help in the practical problems crossing the plains.   Blacksmithss in fiction and in real life like Holladay's Blacksmith Bishop David Brinton were prized.  Like German craftsmen they were respected as much or more than medical doctors or college professors.

My how times have changed.

Noah and Gabriel's attractive little mommie called for help with the power windows in her car as she got ready to move back home to Richfield.   Our handy son tagged along and played Daddy to the e three year old and newborn....while Mommie went on job interviews and reconnected with geriatric gramparents.

While in the little Utah Town Jeff made friends,  was offered a job at the local Ford dealership and turned the water on in the little home that mommie and the boys will soon call home.  It took a small pair of vise-grip pliars, some straining elbow grease and Jeff's usual giant heart.

Did Mommie come up with baked goods or a hug?  Nope!

Jeff got to see a new part of the map and meet some wonderful friends of mommie's.  He bonded especially closely with Mom's gramprents...and her sons...but the object of his affection, well, gave him a little respect and faint praise.

As Frank Sinatra sings in the original English:  Say La Veeeee!

Or:  That's Life, like the people say, ridin' high in April!  Shot down in May!  Few Handy men die of a broken heart...but he's back, sadder, wisser defiant and turning his attentions back to China.

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