Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What NOT TO BUY Gramma for Mother's Day!

Well, Grampa, you've got a great idea for a Mother's Day Gift--but you have doubts! Check it against the five ideas outlined below. Ten good ideas are in the next post below for no cost gifts of the heart. (Follow this link for those) If you notice that the mom at right is not smiling (and neither is her daughter) She must have just received one of these.

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1. Frumpy Fashion

Forty is the new 30, 50 the new 40 and so on. So don't assume that just because she's a mom or grandmother that she doesn't want to look updated. So skip the baggy "#1 Mom" T-shirts and look for updated styles like suede boots, leather jackets and leggings.

2. Fake Bag

Sure, you'd save a bundle by buying that fake Fendi from a car trunk or street corner, but nothing's tackier than a knockoff gift. Not sure if what you're buying is a knockoff or not? How to spot a fake.

3. Cheap Jewelry

At some point, all of the gold-tone lockets and faux sterling bracelets start to pile up in Mom's drawers. She may feel obligated to wear these sentimental pieces for your sake, but what she'd really like is something that fits in better with her signature style (it could range from an estate piece you find on eBay to classic diamond studs).

4. Mom Jeans

Let's get one thing straight: just because Mom doesn't have the body of a 19-year-old doesn't mean she wants to wear high-waisted, peg-leg jeans. With so many premium jeans on the market, you can find great updated denim for Mom in every size range. Gap has some of the best premium jeans -- at the best price -- in the market.

5. Wrong Size

One of the biggest challenges to giving clothing as a gift is finding the right size. If you don't know, don't guess (unless you want to drive a size 6 mom crazy by buying her a 2X top or vice versa). Try to sneak a peek at her closet to help find sizes or even ask her for sizes or measurements to compare to size charts.

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