Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Liposuction (1.4 lb. at a time)

As I was climbing out of the shower I noticed something: my belly has actually shrunk a couple of inches.  Hooray for the Body Grampuncular!  Used to be that I had to turn sideways and wedge in to our narrow little downstairs shower with a pop and a HOORAH! when I finally squeezed this chubby little body grampuncular in for a wash, soap and rinse!

This morning---wow! Clearance!!!

It's true-- I may be gaining and losing that yo-yo pound and a half--but I noticed a little less of me--the inches are finally descending!!!.

All that dinner table sacrifice, mid day swimming and walking with my trusty walkin' buddy, Tim 2-3 miles every day is finally paying off.

If you are struggling with the bulbous, fatty goo, the enemy of your heart that precedes you every where you go-- and floats above water like a frowning beached whale; if you are one of us--take heart! DO-IT- YOURSELF Liposuction, done gently day by day for all the happy reasons that will prolong your terrific life, CAN BE DONE!

Let the woulda-coulda-shouldas go by. Ask yourself, like you did your kids (and get to ask your gramkid on your regular cell phone calls):

1. Where are you, right now?

2. What are you doing right now?

3. What are you doing about right now?

Concentrate on the day-to-day and the long term.  Learn to humbly live defiantly in your imagination about 80% of the time!

Let thoughts and discussions of the negative..the stresses and what's not working, just go unsaid.

Remember that we ALWAYS compare our selves to others--using their best selves and victories...and our worst selves and often unknown failures known only to each of us.

The old idea that you can conquer fear of speaking by imagining the audience sitting there in their underwear-- By the way, make it realy drab grey underwear so you won't be concentrating on EXACTLY how some of the lovlier look!

Imagine yourself thinner like you used to be. (Images from the past help a lot. I have a little 3x8" glossy black and white of my old high school body hanging on the wall near my desk.  My trim young self is dressed  in a svelte black swim suit, fists clenched and stomach flatter than I can remember.

I barely tolerated gym class.  I played baritone in the band at the football and basketball games.  Never actually suited up for anything --except once in my long un-washed gym clothes for a deacon's basketball torture one snowy winter's night in what we used to call the GIRL'S GYM!!!  (See what I mean about private unknown failures,  that we alone remember in excruciating detail?  Psychologists say we dream based on images. Try that!

In the meantime, enjoy the simplest of pleasures like going in and out of a narrow shower door without having to suck it up to wedge inside. I did--and I will again! JWC

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