Monday, July 5, 2010

Grampa builds his own Personal Swamp Cooler

Unbelieving friends have asked me how I can stand to wear a full beard and longer and longer hair in July on the way to December and honest to goodness Santa Service with my own whiskers.

Often, I laugh and explain that the long locks and chin thatch act as a swamp cooler for my head--and beyond the humor, the principle "works".  I've discovered as part of my BODY GRAMPUNCULAR self studies that when I walk vigorously, working to keep up with my Walking Buddy, Tim, I perspire and I get cooler under the self grown facial hair.

Gramma Rosie often puts a fozen cold pack in a light towel and leans up against it on the couch during the hottest days of the summer--and specific cold applied to the nerve center at the base of the neck cools her off.  Like so much of what happens with it, it may be psychosomatic--but what ever it is, it works.  I've tried it, and it works for me, too!

Now to the personal  full body swamp cooler. Lately my grampuncular studies have led to folding a big fluffy bath towell on the bottom of my office chair and soaking it with water---room temperature at first, and then refridgerated.  Sitting on that gasp producing excitement has cooled me off in record time.

I know it's done it's job when I start to chill a little bit.

This morning I tried covering the back of the chair with a big trash bag (to avoid mildew) and soaking another big bath towell, squeezing out the excess water to avoid dripping on my chair pad, and then draping it on the seat and over the back.

The thrill when you first sit down is like diving into a cold mountain lake--not a bad sensation when it's muggy outside and in.   The body eventually warms up the contact points--but the instantly chilling result is quite satisfactory.

Part of my personal effort to diminish my personal carbon footprint has been to save Pepsi bottles and chill water in a stash of them in my little refrigerator , here at the Grampuncular Command post.  When the damp towel warms up--and it's still hot--I'll refresh the back and seat and enjoy another cold mountain lake plunge process when I sit down again.   Hoorah for evaporation! JWC

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