Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grampa's Treasury of Chore Solutions

A dear friend complained that the garbage can in her kitchen had been overflowing for a week.  None of her three children ranging in age from 12 to College age took enough interest to take out the trash.  Here's a guest post treasury of chore solutions from the editor, Jen Hubley.  I plan to send this to my friend--but it could help you too!

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
My sister called me the other day with a brilliant plan: "I'm going to sew a mop head to your nephew's pants. That way, while he's rolling around on the floor playing with Elmo, he can actually earn his keep."

Age-Appropriate Chores
My nephew, it should be noted, is two. So his contributions mostly extend to putting toys in a box and then emptying it.

5 Easy to Use Chore Charts
Older kids, however, can and should lend a hand. (By the way, my sister says "older" is two years and five minutes old.)

How to Counter Kids' Excuses To Get Out of Chores
When I was a teenager, I tried to convince my Mom that the chore chart was incredibly medieval and anyway, unnecessary, since I was obviously going to help out anyway. This worked just as well as you think it did.

4 Reasons Your Family Won't Help With Chores
If you're the tidy person in your household, well, I can only imagine your pain. Also, you should check out these tips to get your messy people (like me!) to do their share.

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