Friday, May 14, 2010

Gramma Delma Memorial Tribute - 3 Prelude Segments on Youtube!

This post includes the three brief Youtube productions in tribute to my sweet Mom who passed away in Worland Wyoming last month.  Gramma Delma and Grampa Milo couldn't have been better poster children for this blog.

These first two segments feature video that I shot of the two of them  in 1992 on a visit home.  It was the year before we gathered as a family for a reunion celebration of their 50th Anniversary.

Delma Isabella Hunt Howe passed away in Worland Wyoming on April 18, 2010 at the age of 87. This edition of her Memorial Service is the first of several segments produced primarily from a recording of her Funeral on April 20,2010. Members and friends of the Milo S. Howe Family Organization cooperated in the presentation. Milo and Delma's oldest son, Jon Robert Howe of Salt Lake City, Utah produced this series for the now and again MSHFO video

On January 3, 1941 Delma Hunt wrote a love letter interwoven with faith and hope in the inside front cover of her fiance's scriptures. Milo Howe carried his mother's gift of a bible and Delma's Triple Combination with the letter inside during his service as a Locomotive Engineer/Tech Sergeant in the United States Army in World War II. Fifty one years later, in their Cheyenne, Wyoming kitchen, the couple remembered that time and how they felt as she read the letter aloud. They both wept happy tears.

Our only sister/daughter Carolyn Howe Sansoucie was the first to leave us in 1996. Seven years later in 2003 Grampa Milo passed and seven years later in 2010 Gramma Delma's "graduation" brought us together -- now only four brothers, wives and families remain on the earth.

This segment shows the gradual "Aging of the Brethren"  over the last 32 years, from our college days in 1978 to 2010. These family reunions are rare with all of us scattered across the West and New Hampshire, where Dick and Carolyn's descendants are.

In the years to come, there will be other gatherings and what will be so much more than a  "wrinkle and liverspot festival". We will bid goodbye to one another with a rare Howe family love, known only to us,  then to gather as the Milo S. Howe Family Organization (MSHFO) in another dimension one by one with,  "No Empty Chairs."

Bookmark this blog post.  More to come!

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