Friday, May 28, 2010

Nomination Questionnaire for The Grampa Hall of Fame

Congratulations!  Because you have been "linked" to this post, you have the challenge to help me, Jon Robert Howe,  the curator of the Grampa Hall of Fame to write the citation post for your nomination.

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into your e-mail and fill in the blanks below and send the completed form and a good quality digital JPEG picture of your nominee (attached) to  Send any questions to the same e-mail address.

We will send you back an edited draft of the citation for the Grampa Hall of Fame.  This is a free public service of the Grampa in Training Blog.  We're anxious to observe the sensitivities involved with the story of your nominee.  Beyond a newspaper obituary, this citation will be read by future generations and accessable to everyone who reads this blog.  Like you, we want to get it RIGHT!

Here are the members of this exclusive group.  Follow the links below each picture to get an idea of the kind of information we're looking for.

           Harold Poole                        Clayton Robbins              Vernon Thompson
He Carried his Riches With Him  The Power of a Gentle Grampa  Serious Laughter for Growth

        Big Mike Sullivan

    Biker Poet Finally Liberated  

Nomination Questionnaire 
for The Grampa Hall of Fame

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into your e-mail and fill in the blanks below before sending it to
Nominee's complete Name_____________________________________

Nominee's email if still living _________________________________

Nominee's Date of Birth  _____________________________________

Nominee's Location of Birth ___________________________________

Nominee's Date of Passing (where appropriate)_______________

Nominee's Age at the time of Passing (where appropriate)_____

Location of Passing  (where appropriate) ________________________

Date of Nominee's Memorial Service  (where appropriate) ______

Newspaper(s) that published Nominee Obituary (where appropriate)


Spouse's complete name _____________________________________

Spouse's email (where appropriate)_____________________________

Date of Wedding ____________________________________________

Place Married ______________________________________________

Name(s) of Children  with age and e-mail at time of nomination (to gather more information about the nominee and notify when the citation is completed and posted)

___________________   ______   _____________________________

___________________   ______   _____________________________

___________________   ______   _____________________________

(More can be added as needed)

Lifetime Profession_____________________________________

How is Nominee investing/invested  his time if retired


Two or three anecdotes about his work______________________


Two or three anecdotes about his service as husband, father & Grampa



Specific reasons why he deserves this Great Grampa Hall of Fame honor that you haven't mentioned in the anecdotes above:



Any additional material that you think could be added to the citation



Please copy and paste this questionnaire into your e-mail and fill in the blanks above before sending it to with a good quality JPEG digital picture of your nominee attached.

Jon Robert Howe, Curator
Grampa Hall of Fame
Creator:  Grampa in Training (GiT) Blog

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