Monday, May 24, 2010

What is a Wizard, Anyway?

The name Dumbledore comes to mind.  His young friend Harry Potter was supposed to be one of the greatest wizards ever!  Both were good wizards--kindly, patient, contributing to their community, leading their friends to better things!

He Who Must Not Be Named--ok, Voldemort was a dark wizard.  The Death Eaters joined him with assorted other villlians to wreak havoc and horror in J. K. Rowling's landmark book series--tearing down where a good wizard would build up!

Gotta have both sides--as Father Lehi taught, "Needs be opposition in all things.  Soaps, Dramas even Comedies are not much with such contrast!

I was cast in the play, "Once Upon a Mattress!" at the local college's community theater years ago. (It was Carol Burnett's Broadway debut vehicle.  The costumers crafted a nifty green and yellow silk robe with pointy hat and even a magic wand.  At the time I was teaching at New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Salt Lake City and learning about the Microsoft "Wizard".  I chose an email name that has remained with me ever since that reflects those days and what I was doing at work and at play!.My "email handle" has given my computer class students something to call me when they feel they've gotten past "Mr. Howe".

The little wizard that I'm conjuring up (below)  is the illustration on the blog in March of 2010 annoncing that I had just become "employed" at Highland's Community Education Program after 18 months of being a hard working job hunter because of the Burst Real Estate Bubble. it's effects on our company: Coaching Institute and the George W. Bush Memorial Recession that began at the end of 2008 just about the time our jobs at CI all disappeared as the nearly 10 year old company imploded.

Liza helped me define the term  WIZARD  in our Spring 2010 Photoshop Class at Highland Community Education where I teach Microsoft Office (Powerpont Slide Production, Excel Spreadsheets, and Word Processing) Photoshop and Web Design.  (A lovely face always gets more attention, don't you think?)

Let me know what You think!

The purpose of the graphic is to establish the first of several "Branding ads--and demonstrate the use of color, gradient fills, shadows and embossing for that classy 3D feel.

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