Thursday, May 13, 2010

High Tech Messages still need Low Tech Marketing!

As the Web Design Classes  I've been teaching this Spring wind down at Highland Community Education, I'm relearning some tried and true principles about Marketing that haven't changed for decades.

Though we've specialized in the actual development of Webs and Blogs using the latest high tech software, the great imponderables are still resolved with low tech solutions--like a simple sandwich board with a near irresistable offer and an Internet connection (like an e-mail on the bottom)

I asked one of the students in the class this evening what her objectives for her web site were.  She listed what turns out to be the normal marketing objectives of virtually every website and blog ever produced:

1.  Get more "eyeballs" and brains) to see her site

2.  Get more members to join the organization.

3.  Get more financial contributions to her organization as "a result of the site".

As I often teach in our current web design class and the one before it, your presentation can be WONDERFUL but getting attention for it--and eyeballs to show up for it still requires the same kind of advertising we've always used.  Here's a few unique ideas that will help, I hope!

A.  E-Mail Management- Lists for Sale and Spam

B.  Capturing Person to Person Contacts in every Conversation

C.  Cards, Pencils, Nick-Nacks and Air Fresheners

D.  Bill Boards, Sandwich Boards and Flyers

E.  TV Broadcast Advertising

F.  Radioactive Radiothons and Too Broad a Coverage

G.  Newspapers - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Advertisements, Display Ads and Classified

It takes money to make money.  The key is spending your money in the right place with the most bang for the buck.  JRH

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