Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's a HUG in your Mouth!

Gramma Rosie and I rarely go out for  FAST FOOD.  Then, maybe the dollar menu at McDonalds when we're out and about. 

Yesterday we tried the new dollar menu at Arbys.  Their Jamoca Shake for $1.00 is charming:  Just big enough to satisfy a thirst. Small enough for a diabetic to drink/suck/eat without ingesting mountains of sugar.

My rant today includes the new Burger King XT sandwich (It's a good rant!).  It's like a super-sized Whopper -- not out, but UP!  But I gotta warn ya--if you're going to tackle the XT in one sitting you better take a lunch!  (Sounds like an oxymoron) but when you consider a bigger than average bun and a baked burger that seems to be as thick as a 3/4" plywood disk--but much more tender and tasty, well, that kind of satisfaction takes a while.

We are looking forward to tasting the KFC No Bun Chicken Sandwich. It  looks interesting.  Jimmy Fallon focused on the two-tasty-chicken-patties in a recent Late Night send up called Pros & Cons.  Jimmy and his writers concluded that the most nutritious part of that sandwich was the paper it came wrapped in.  On the other side of this sandwich, our son says its a HUG in your MOUTH!

While I'm ranting as a Consumer Reporter on FAST FOOD, let me throw positive energy your way in the name of the new salads at Arbys!  They're Wonderful.  Speaking as an unintentional Yo Yo Dieter that loses the same pound and an eighth that I gained the night before--an Arbys Salad for supper is good for 2 or 3 pounds--then the challenge to keep it off is up to you!

And while we're on food generally: Hooray for Breakfast for Dinner!   Most of our married life has featured a heavy meal for supper.  The hang over my belt attests that big food should come earlier in the day.   We're trying an experiment with two bacon slices and a couple of eggs between two slices of soughdough or dutch crunch toast.  Yumbo City!  And I get a second reward the next morning on the scales when that 2 or 3 pounds I lost the day before stays off or goes lower.

To quote Molly Brown, "If I gotta have fish heads all my life, can't I have them on a plate once!" Oooooh Fish Heads.  Give me strong cheese and an assortment of crackers.  Yea, that's the ticket.

May all your food be healthy, tasty and low cost!  JRH

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