Saturday, May 15, 2010

There is No Hustle after 60!

Gramma Rosie and I have an agreement--no nagging, no press, no push---We just shuffle on to the next convenient thing.  Enter our son!   He is a high energy 30 something with an arm load of agendas that involve us.  Cleaning the junk room, building a championship garden --even cleaning my files off his mother's lap top.  (He gave "her" a 250 Gigabyte hard drive -- but I'm the one who uses it)

That gift has given him license to "follow up" with my progress in cleaning up his mother's lap top computer (which he uses occasionally, as I do.)
.  Our dear son is a high pressure mechanic with a national chain.  The blacksmith from our earliest history -- Jubal Cain reminds me of our Jeff..  Mythology teaches us that Jubal was a high pressure blacksmith covered with sweat, cinders and the force of the mighty hammer.  The whole mentality of a national chain pushes the young mechanics to be better AND faster to earn what is laughingly called FLAT RATE.  It's a rarely attained standard of accuracy and speed.

When high pressure follow up meets geriatric shuffle--there's bound to be sparks! 

The challenge for this senior citizen is to patiently endure the push from an otherwise loving and patient son--and when really pushed, explain that There is No Hustle after 60!

Something about connecting tissue, aching knees and well, you know!   I exercise regularly on our Iron Horse every morning, but nothing keeps the connecting tissue from aching and the bones from creaking after several hours working at a computer in a chair.

Half in fun and mostly with distain, he rolls his eyes and On We Go--Laughing!  JRH

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